Pastor Johnny Hunter Sr.

Pastor hunter

Pastor Hunter has been in recovery since 1992, an ordained Baptist minister since 2000, and is the servant God has used to establish First Community Recovery Church since its inception in March 2007.  He is a lifelong resident of North Minneapolis, a 1976 graduate of Minneapolis North High School, and a chemical dependency counselor at the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center, in downtown Minneapolis. 

He has studied at Anoka Ramsey Junior College, Indiana Bible College, and North Central University. 

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Earnie Larsen

Mr and Mrs. Earnie larsen

Earnie Larsen is a nationally known author and lecturer and a pioneer in the field of recovery.  He has authored and produced 63 motivational and self help books.  His most outstanding work is found in the creation of the Stage II Recovery process.  He has a MRE degree in Theology and Education, a degree in Counseling and accreditation in Chemical Dependency and Family Counseling.  Earnie has been in recovery for over 40 years, and a counselor for over 30 years.  He has spoken to sellout crowds all over the world. 

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Dave Dokmo

Dave Dokmo

Dave Dokmo was an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) for almost 25 years, serving as pastor of various churches around the Twin Cities, until addiction to crack cocaine changed his life dramatically and cost him his ministry. He struggled with recovery for a number of years, until he crossed paths with Pastor Johnny Hunter, who helped him reestablish his relationship with God, gave him new meaning and purpose, and allowed him to help start First Community Recovery Church.

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Mother Yates

Mother yates

Mother Yates was born in Water Valley, Mississippi where her father was an old time preacher and pastor.  As she tells it, “I came to Minnesota in 1972 to get away from a bad marriage.”  Initially, she lived with an aunt and uncle and supported herself and her children by baby sitting.  It wasn’t long before she realized that in order to continue supporting her family she would need more education.  She went back to school and earned her GED at the age of 44, while caring for 5 children. 

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