First Community Recovery Church is a special fellowship, serving wonderful people!  And no one tell you that better than a few of our members.


  • “My church has been a Godsend in my recovery.  It has helped me re-establish my relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.”  Audrick P.


  • I come to the Bible Studyand Prayer Group every Tuesday night.  I wouldn’t miss it!  Every one is such a good person and the fellowship is so much fun.  It’s good to learn God’s word with such good people.”  Ben J.



  • “This is such a friendly church!  I love Mother Yates!  Everyone feels like family!”  Sister Mary


  • “ I come to First Community Recovery Church because of the way we all love each other.  We are all helping each other grow in our relationship with Christ.”  Mother Yates



  • “I feel the presence of the Lord at this church.  We all love and serve together.  This is an amazing place.”  Mike B.


  • “I am a person in recovery and that recovery is a gift to me from Jesus Christ.  At this church everyone understands that.”  Melvin B.



  • “ I love this church.  Everyone is in recovery and they all know what I’m going through.  The word of God comes across loud and clear.  Pastor Hunter takes time for every one of us.  In all my prayers I give thanks for this church and these people.”  Charles O.


  • “I keep coming back to First Community Recovery Church because it exudes an atmosphere of welcome.  I have never left here without feeling as though my soul and spirit have been fed.”  Martese C.


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Praise And Feloowship times

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